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Revenue Sharing Opportunities

The MedFlash PHM Platform is designed with healthcare providers and independent resellers in mind. Our Affiliate program offers both revenue-share and licensing models that can be suited to your needs.

Please review our features and opportunities below and contact us to help you get started.

MedFlash PHM Platform Features

The MedFlash PHM Platform can be tailored to your needs as a product offering to enhance your current brand or as a value-added service to compliment your healthcare practice.

We offer:

  • Co-Branding
  • White Labeling
  • Custom Content
  • Revenue-Share Program
  • Licensing Program

For Resellers

With a retail price of only $19.95 per year, per member, MedFlash affiliate resellers can instantly add an easy-to-sell product to their existing line or home-based business.

Benefits include:

  • Little to no capital outlay
  • Generous commission structure
  • Residual income from renewals
  • Marketing materials & support

For Providers

Healthcare providers can benefit from the MedFlash affiliate licensing program as a patient retention tool or to assist in patient compliance.

Benefits include:

  • Minimal investment
  • Low cost annual licenses
  • Targetted content
  • Marketing materials & support

For Fundraisers

The MedFlash Give the Gift of Life affiliate fundraising program is ideal for churches, schools and charities, large or small, who want to raise money without any up-front investment.

Program benefits include:

  • Generous revenue share
  • Consignment to resell prepaid gift cards
  • You only pay for what you sell
  • Marketing materials & support

If you are interested in becoming a MedFlash Affiliate, please click here to complete the affiliate request form.

MedFlash® Personal Health Management Platform

Connectyx Technologies provides unique products for the consumer healthcare market including MedFlash®, the electronic Personal Health Manager (ePHM).

Personal health records (PHRs) are becoming more popular every day with over 46% of the US Population stating that they are ready to manage their own health and lifestyle records. Just as important is the fact that medication errors cause an estimated 70,000 deaths annually and an additional 800,000 patients each year have harmful complications, according to research funded by the U.S. Government's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. MedFlash can help in preventing these types of occurrences and more. MedFlash offers affordable and easy-to-use tools for individuals who want the peace of mind that comes from managing their wellness, lifestyle and medical information. MedFlash focuses on the individual and his or her life experience, providing them a solution where they manage their information for their own purposes.

The MedFlash PHM is an easy to use, subscription-based Personal Health and Lifestyle Manager that is accessible using a powerful secure web portal suite. It features a 24/7/365 nurse hotline, an optional USB flash drive and smartphone access with QR scan code capability.

The MedFlash PHM provides member benefits including instant access to your Emergency Medical Profile and Personal Health Record in the event of an accident or a medical emergency. Whether traveling, at work, or at home, First Responders have an invaluable advantage when they have access to this time critical information.

Service extensions include disease state management services, medical information services, vital document management and lifestyle and wellness tools that provide significant health benefits to members and risk mitigation for employers and insurers alike.

The MedFlash vision is simple and direct: offer the consumer an affordable, easy-to-use solution so that every American can have their own PHR, which can help save lives and improve healthcare.

Complete product information is available on the consumer website at, or our quarterly health and wellness newsletter at

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