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Connectyx offers consulting services in the areas of:

  • Healthcare Business Strategy and Management
  • Clinical and Operational Process Optimization
  • Healthcare Technology Infrastructure Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance

Medical Receivables Financing

Our Medical Electronic Payment Financing (MEPF) product provides opportunity capital primarily to the health care sector as well as business service companies

The amount of money your practice qualifies for is based primarily on the historical monthly gross revenues and, secondly, the average monthly electronic payment volume including insurance payments.

  • No personal guarantee on repayment of the financing
  • No asset collateral, no real estate and no co-signing
  • No application fees, closing costs, early termination fees or late payment fees
  • No repayment schedule, no stated interest rate, no monthly minimum payments or balloon payments – repayment is based on sales/revenue volume of your practice


Timely billing of all accounts is a cornerstone of an effective revenue cycle, and ensuring that all bills are submitted with the correct information is our most important goal.

Revenue Cycle Management

Comprehensive solutions in Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) increase and streamline compliance while saving you money. Our proven capabilities accelerate your revenue cycle to increase your productivity, speed payments, decrease costs and improve patient service.

  • Maximize cash flow
  • Support accurate workflow priorities and scheduling for follow up
  • Provide accurate and timely statistics for Management
  • Identify business process improvements to avoid future denials

Medical Transcription

Connectyx has deployed the latest medical transcription software and tools for use by our skilled onshore medical transcriptionists. In addition, our multi-level quality review process will ensure you receive high quality service every time.

  • Secure and confidential toll-free dictation lines
  • Turnaround in 24 hours or less
  • Encrypted and password-protected Internet file transfer
  • USA-based transcriptionists and staff

Document Management

Connectyx provides professional services to implement and support Web-Based Document Management System that easily brings the power of Web searching to Healthcare Intranets and Internet sites. The key advantage of this product is that it provides management with the ability to share documents, without changing the way your business operates.

  • Streamline AP process with rules based workflow, document approvals and audit trails
  • Unlimited access to documents quickly and easily at any step of the process
  • Real time checklist of mandatory documents for submission to Medicaid, Medicare, etc.
  • Open architecture allows for easy HL7 interfaces to other solutions

Payment Posting & EOB Analysis

Upon receiving a payment and notification, the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) is evaluated to update and verify the patient account in the billing system.

Overpayments are immediately identified and necessary refund requests are generated to obtain approvals. Underpayments/denials are reviewed and provided to the account payables/follow-up staff.


Connectyx has direct experience in the development, implementation, and evaluation of integrated compliance programs, including research, analysis, and implication of specific regulatory compliance risks. We can assist our clients with:

  • Compliance Program Design and Implementation
  • Compliance Program Effectiveness Evaluations
  • HIPAA and HITECH Act Compliance
  • Accreditation Preparedness

Remote Disease Monitoring

Connectyx offers Continuous Remote Disease Monitoring and Post-Hospital Release Monitoring Solutions to reduce hospital re-admittance while monitoring the patient's on-going health & wellness

Proprietary technology allows healthcare professionals to effectively monitor more of their patients remotely and connect to current wireless monitoring technologies.

  • Reduces readmission rates more than 50%
  • Decreases (LOS) length of stay more than 30%
  • Uses real-time data, which leads to measurable health outcomes
  • Improves patient’s quality of life

BPO Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The rising cost of healthcare, increased adoption of technology, prevalence of quality/performance-based reimbursement models and evolving physician-hospital-patient dynamics are forcing the healthcare industry to recast business and care delivery processes. By leveraging BPO (business process outsourcing), healthcare companies can redefine their operating model and maximize value from their business processes.

Connectyx Technologies provides the technology, services, consulting and e-business experience you need to meet those demands and realize new opportunities in the ever-changing healthcare environment.

In combination with our multi-shore global network of business partners and strategic alliances, Connectyx brings highly specific knowledge, competence and experience to help healthcare organizations gain operational cost efficiencies, enhance decision making capabilities, comply with regulatory guidelines and improve patient satisfaction.

Please review our service offerings to the right and contact us for business inquiries and information about Connectyx' services and solutions.

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