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Personal Health & Wellness

MedFlash® enables patients to manage their personal health record and have it available at critical moments.


Emergency Doctor recommends MedFlash

"...If every patient was wearing a MedFlash, the job of the Emergency Physician would be much easier, and the patient would receive the best care..."

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Motorcyclist with a cardiac condition

"...Because of my complicated cardiac history there was never any way to carry sufficient medical history with me on my motorcycle trips... This small device has given more confidence to tackle long distance touring and get back into the saddle..."

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Connectyx specializes in end-to-end Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions for the healthcare industry, with a focus on reducing and managing the costs of healthcare administration and continuous business process improvements.

Connectyx Technologies develops unique products for the consumer healthcare market including MedFlash®, the electronic Personal Health Manager (ePHM) platform. The MedFlash® PHM is an easy to use Personal Health and Lifestyle Manager that is accessible using a powerful web portal suite.

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